Dave’s Bar


We have a full bar with a good selection of your favorite Call & Premium Spirits. We make all the classics you know and love and our Bartenders are happy to find a recipe if you are looking for something specific!

Well Drinks– $3.91 plus tax

Call Drinks– $5.05 plus tax

Premium– $5.97 plus tax

Super Premium– varies


Daily Drink Specials



Vodka Cranberry- $3.68 plus tax 


Well Drinks & Draft Beers- $2.30 plus tax


Jose Cuervo Margarita- $3.68 plus tax 


Captain Morgan- $3.68 plus tax


Seagrams 7- $3.68 plus tax 


Pinnacle Driver- $3.68 plus tax


Pinnacle Bloody Mary- $3.68 plus tax






Beer & Wine


We have a great selection of Domestic & Craft Beers. 

On Tap:

Budweiser – Bud Light – Coors Light – Kokanee –  Alaskan Amber – Moose Drool – Fat Tire – Blue Moon –  Clems Gold –  Mac & Jacks – No-Li Born & Raised IPA – Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Domestic- Glass: $3.45 plus tax  

     Domestic- Large Pitcher: $8.96 plus tax 

Micro- Glass $4.60 plus tax

   Micro- Large Pitcher $13.56 plus tax 


In Bottles/Cans:

Budweiser – Bud Light – Coors Light – Kokanee – Keystone Light – Busch Light – Pabst – Michelob Ultra – Miller Genuine – Miller High Life – Miller Lite – Corona – Angry Orchard – O’Douls – O’Douls Amber

Domestic Bottles/Cans: $3.45 plus tax 

Micro/Import: $4.60 plus tax 



Our House Wine is Copper Ridge- Chardonnay, Merlot & White Zinfandel. We also have Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling or Mimosas made with orange, cranberry or grapefruit juice. 

Glass- $5.05 plus tax

Dave’s Bonus Hour!!!

Monday-Friday 2 pm-4 pm


Well Drinks, Domestic Beers, & Wine

$2.76 plus tax